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Our Mayur Fabrics (Formerly known as Mayur Suitings) line offers classic fabrics in a wide range of fibre blends at an affordable price. These quality fabrics are available for export as well as fine domestic tailoring. With the technical resources of RSWM EDGE, our premium yarn spinning operation, we are continuously developing new fabrications with state-of-the-art fibres. These blends appeal to trend-conscious customers and those seeking technical performance in their products. We can blend any combination imaginable for applications ranging from high-street fashion to industrial workwear. Internationally, our Mayur Fabrics (Formerly known as Mayur Suitings) collection is used by some of the world’s leading fashion brands, including Kenneth Cole, Marks & Spencer, Perry Ellis, Ann Taylor and H&M.


RSWM Ltd., the flagship company of LNJ Bhilwara Group, is one of the largest textile manufacturers in India and exports Premium brand fabric to over 78 countries around the world. Its 10 manufacturing plants, with 505,000 spindles and 176 looms, produce high-quality cotton, melange, synthetic and novelty yarns, along with stars ki pasand suiting and denim fabrics.