Our Mayur Fabrics (Formerly known as Mayur Suitings) line offers classic fabrics in a wide range of fibre blends at an affordable price. These quality fabrics are available for export as well as fine domestic tailoring. With the technical resources of RSWM EDGE, our premium yarn spinning operation, we are continuously developing new fabrications with state-of-the-art fibres. These blends appeal to trend-conscious customers and those seeking technical performance in their products. We can blend any combination imaginable for applications ranging from high-street fashion to industrial workwear. Internationally, our Mayur Fabrics (Formerly known as Mayur Suitings) collection is used by some of the world’s leading fashion brands, including Kenneth Cole, Marks & Spencer, Perry Ellis, Ann Taylor and H&M.

Setting new milestones

Mayur New Milestones


Fabric processing & finishing Unit was established at Kharigram, Gulabpura, Rajasthan. The fabrics marketed under the brand name “MAYUR” instantly appealed to the styles of millions.


The king of the Khans, Shahrukh Khan, was the first brand ambassador for Mayur Suitings in 1994, and he continued to be so until 1998-99. He was followed by Chandrachur Singh, Sharad Kapoor & Lisa Ray.


MAYUR forays into nano technology - Nano technology uses chemicals manufactured at nano level, a size as small as a billionth of a meter.


MAYUR hailed Mr. Salman Khan as its new brand ambassador as he represents the toughness and quality of the MAYUR fabric.


MAYUR was awarded the RECA (Rajasthan Energy Conservation Award) by RRECL (Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited) for exemplary work in energy conservation in the textile sector.


MAYUR started association with actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui as its brand ambassador.


RSWM Limited launches Italian inspired premium fabric brand Cannello”.

rswm ltd.

RSWM Ltd., the flagship company of LNJ Bhilwara Group, is one of the largest textile manufacturers in India and exports to over 78 countries around the world. Its 10 manufacturing plants, with 441,000 spindles and 202 looms, produce high-quality cotton, melange, synthetic and novelty yarns, along with suiting and denim fabrics.

To reduce our carbon footprint, RSWM’s facility near Jaipur transforms waste PET bottles into FibreGreen, our certified recycled polyester fibre. The flakes produced in the process can be cut into fibre of different denier which is spun into yarn. The factory manufactures 50 tons of FibreGreen each day.

The company’s unit in Bhilwara underwent a major expansion in 2011, building India’s most sophisticated plant and adding 51,840 spindles to production. The yarn from this factory is sold under the brand name ULTIMA and is the finest polyester-viscose greige yarn in the Indian market.

Specializing in poly-viscose blends, LNJ Fabrics provides the fashion, protective wear and interiors markets with 15 million metres of fabric per year. Its two branded collections, Mayur and Cannello, are sold worldwide.

Established in 2007, LNJ Denim produces 25 million metres of fabric annually in both traditional and innovative constructions and blends.

RSWM is committed to social responsibility and safety. Our facilities are aligned with international operational standards and have achieved SA-8000 certificates as well as OHSAH 18001 certificates.